Great customer service is at the heart of everything I do.  Take a look at the testimonials received from previous and current clients for basketball .

“Thanks to Noah Brown I've had the opportunity to enhance my basketball skills here in Mexico and to learn a different language.  This is definitely not an opportunity you would want to turn down.  I'm a graduate student at South Carolina State University.  After the season I was looking for the next step in my basketball career.  Noah was honest with me about everything; and for that alone I respect his judgement.”

Donte Wright | Rio Grande Campesinos
“I have known Noah Brown in a personal and professional basketball capacity for a little over a year now.  In that time I have personally gained through him, a friend, a mentor, a professional basketball contract, and most importantly to me, someone who I feel I can trust.

Noah is a man who likes to get things done before he ever tells you that he has even started working on them.  He is not the loudest or the most boastful; you will never hear him claim to be the smartest person in a room.  However, ten minutes into a personal conversation with Noah will tell you all you need to know; he knows what he's talking about, and he works harder than the next guy.

Very simply he is both the guy you want on your team for a business negotiation, and also at your table for family dinner.”

Christian Council | Frailes de Guadalupe
“I met Noah Brown through the USA Select international tour camp in Charlotte, NC.  From there I Played for his team on the USA Select European tour where I experienced the international pro style game, gained international exposure, and form great relationships with many international players, coaches, and owners.  Coming out an unfavorable College Basketball situation, and only being 22 years of age, it was tough for me to get started in pro basketball.  However, in the 6 month relationship I have had with Noah and USA Select basketball I have been able to launch my pro basketball career.”

Jonathan Coles | Plateados de Fresnillo
“I want to thank Noah Brown for helping me get a contact over in Mexico.  I've been working hard, and been attending other camps from different organizations and can tell they were after the money, not helping players to get contracts.  I went to his camp in Atlanta, GA and was glad he gave me the opportunity.  Now I have a chance to move up and play for a higher league in Mexico.”

Marcus Benitez | Mineros Zacatecas
“In our game of basketball, trust and loyalty can go a long way when forming relationships, both on and off the court.  If you are looking for a trustworthy person that could put you in the right position for great opportunities to take your basketball career to the next level, Noah Brown is your guy!  It is one thing to believe in the person who has never been to where you are trying to go.  However, Noah has been to the places where countless pro athletes and aspiring pros are aiming for... AND SUCCEEDED!  He knows the difficulties and the struggle of trying to land a playing contract, because he’s been there.  He knows that working your butt off is not the only obstacle to overcome in this entire process, because he’s been there.  Noah put me in position to jump start my professional career and has continued to help me along the way. For that, I am grateful!”

Larry Thomas | Mineros Zacatecas



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