Let Me Introduce Myself

Why a blog?  Why me?  So... I have been contemplating for years about putting my words on the net.  Before I go any deeper allow me to say - I am old school.  Yes, that's right.  Give me some Vaughan Mason and Crew, Gap Band, E U, Motown, Michael Jackson, Prince and I am floating.  Yes!  Old school!  We are talking pen to paper.  Throw back.  I have been sitting on my notepads upon notepads for years.  Waiting and writing information that I find viable to pass down one day to my son(s) and then it hit me!  The net.  I get it.  I had to accept and understand the way of modern times.

No matter what my personal preferences were, I had to adapt to certain changes.  Which leads me back to my second original question - WHY ME?  Why am I worth reading or listening to in comparison to another guy?  Perhaps I have gifts that are abnormal?  Not really.  Is it because at birth I was a silver-spoon fed kid who has all the answers? Definitely not true.  Maybe I'm special?  Yeah that must be it.  I'm special.  Let me think for a moment.  Let's see... I'm 6'1, 170 pounds, athletic, love my family and friends... Hmmm sounds like a lot of other males I know.  I guess I don't really know “why me” and not knowing? - That's ok.  However, I do believe in timing and seasons, so this must be mine. Other than my belief in God's favor and my spiritually vigorous faith, I am the average guy who's trying to keep death at a distance like everyone else.

It appears that somewhere in our fast-paced life, we have lost the thing that allows us to live a copious and fulfilled life amongst family and friends.  As we make the left turn cruising down ELECTRONIC AVENUE, stop at the red light on REALITY STREET, then turn on “DO ANYTHING TO BE FAMOUS” road, allow me to make a U-turn and go back to the beginning.  Back when it took a community to raise kids, fathers and mothers woke up side by side, stadiums were packed with fans looking at the ball game and not their cell phones, living rooms during holidays were filled with multiple crescendos of laughter, and the community could write the eulogy about their neighbors.  Those were the days!!!

So what happened?  Better yet, let me be more specific about the breakdown of the family question: What happened to the fathers?  Barak Obama, the former President of the United States, spoke in great detail about the breakdown.  This colossal question has yet to truly be answered, and unfortunately it is not showing a positive upward trend.  Sure, we give opinions in barber shops, group chats, conference calls and Uber rides... but how many of us actually sacrifice and make the changes for the better?  I may be wrong, but it seems as if we wait for some celebrity or athlete to provide or be the answer, and have forgotten that we too have a platform.  The “#wetoo” movement can and does have an impact in our surrounding circles to make the difference.  Yes.  Me.  You.  Him.  We.  With one pivot in the right direction - who knows?

Years ago in my initial inception of this writing (2010), I was called many things: a professional athlete, college graduate, brother, a businessman, son, but a father?  Not at all.  I had no children.  My thoughts concerning the fatherless topic?  Umm... yeah, that's not my problem.  Then I was illuminated with the question: Does a father need kids?  Think about it.  How many men with no blood relation have we ran across in our lives that played the father role for us?  Was he not a father who offered his time, heart, wisdom to help steer us to our calling and became instrumental in our growth?  Perhaps that is the difference that could separate me from another person?  Instead of waiting, wishing, and wondering; I have made the choice by taking action, applying and giving my words to those that may not have fathers.  My words or collective thoughts of influential men from my life's travels, could provide others with simple guidelines that ultimately helped direct my own journey.  This is my priority, my passion, and my goal... To pass them on - in my own way.

For the young men who may be searching for breadcrumbs of wisdom, I hope you enjoy teaming up with me.  While I may not be able to sit and talk in person as I would wish in my “old school” ways, allow me to connect with you on this platform, in this time.  I promise to be the example of the change I wish to see, provide insight to those who want to hear, inspire hope to those who need it, give love to those that never received it and impart knowledge to those who have yet to read it.  Remember, we all have a part to play in the game of life and YOU are an essential piece.

Stay Lifted,

Lucky Lefty

Boot Up Waze

From my soul, mind and fingertips... I am FOREVER grateful.  🙏

My quest is to respect your time. By giving you a quick toilet read, coffee sip, uh-huh or a meditating thought - to pause, reflect and enjoy whatever voyage you are on.

“The destination is the aim, the target.  The JOURNEY is a bit by bit procedure, gradually and carefully sculpting the brilliance already inside of you.”

Stay lifted,

Lucky Lefty

Mute Button

Dream: a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person's mind during sleep.

Goal: the object of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.

“Let your words be few, for a goal comes from much activity.”

Stay lifted,

Lucky Lefty

Tailor Made

Life is disruptive.  No matter what, we will have peaks and valleys.  Seasons come and go.  A season of increased earnings.  A season of economic crisis.  A season of hardship.  A season of good fortune.  A season of sorrow.  A season of joy.  There's no avoidance.  All too frequently we invest in things we can not govern.

Don't MAJOR in MINOR things by trying to change the season... change your outfit and dress accordingly.

Stay lifted,

Lucky Lefty

To Thyself Be True

There's no need to search any further.  The sauce is not secret.

Everything you need, you have.  It comes from within.

Find it...
Discover it...
Live... being true to you!

Stay lifted,

Lucky Lefty

The Brevity of Life

Life is but a blink.  The faster this is realized - the more intentional with time we become.

With 24 hours daily, a typical healthy adult will sleep and labor a sum of 16.  After consuming 3 meals, an approximate 2.5 hours passes leaving a total of 5.5 hours.

But wait, we must stay young, so don't forget, “leg day” which costs us another 1 hour for fitness + health along with another 0.5 hours for commuting.

Compute: 24 - 16 - 2.5 - 1 - 0.5 = 4 daily hours left for meaningful participation.

It would be “Penny wise.  Pound foolish” spending it head down glancing at a mobile phone.

Stay lifted,

Lucky Lefty

Optical Illusions



Prolific scholars have stated...
“There are only two fears present at birth.  The rest are learned.”

In a time such as this, consider the intellectuals.

Stay lifted,

Lucky Lefty

Footnote: “Focus Enough.  Opportunities Exist In Choas”

What's Your Handle?

Connectivity is at peak levels.  As a nation, we are connected so much yet feel so little, driving us down avenues of internal quarantine... seclusion.

Compare us to other wealthy countries, we (Americans) spend more on healthcare but live shorter lives.  Interesting... investing more to receive less is not the win-win.

In an era where connectivity and medicine are on an incline, remember... pills and scrolling come with a price.

Life is still spiritual; smiling is still the cheapest medicine; being present is still a present (gift); and love is still spelled T.I.M.E.

Stay lifted,

Lucky Lefty

Distinctive Dimensions

Four vital measurements for advancement: Length, Weight, Temperature, and Time.

Length: One doesn't drive staring into the rear-view mirror.  What's ahead is more important than what has passed.  The past is just that...

Weight: The heftiness of life is unmeasurable.  Become braver than you believe.

Temperature: “Without wood, a fire goes out [use with caution]”. (Proverbs 26:20)

Time: Choices in life today become our life tomorrow.

Stay lifted,

Lucky Lefty

Lost In Translation

Life is an introspection.  Two subtle nuance languages are concealed in our core (consciousness).  The language of burden or blessing.

Two people...  Same issues...  Two outlooks.

“Argh!  It's awful!  I have to work from home while watching my kid(s)... no sports are on, and to make things worse... I can't go anywhere.”

“Working from home has allowed me to save money on gas, while spending more time with my kid(s).  With no sports on I'm free to do the things I couldn't before... I can now clean out my closet, pick up a new skill-set and even pull out my guitar.”

We become more fluent dependent on which language we nourish.

Stay lifted,

Lucky Lefty


Reason... Season... Lifetime

The reason is simple... We are who we are.  Born this way.  Unique.

Each season of life, polishes the purpose of birth - a lifetime of beneficial impact for the greater good.

Limiting this understanding limits the world.

Stay lifted,

Lucky Lefty

No Sequel

“They say the first time ain't the greatest, [however life is not a sequel]”.  (Prince, Raspberry Beret)

While one is healthy - missing and making are on opposite sides of the coin, but are still synonymous... equal.

The more we learn, the less we know.  Life is not mastered.  It's a personal evolution of achievement to understand, “If we participate in the cause (failure), it's impossible to not participate in the effect (growth)”.

To grow, failure is not optional.  It's a must.

#Descansa en paz Prince Rogers Nelson (June 7, 1958 - April 21, 2016)

Stay lifted,

Lucky Lefty

Mountaineer Motto

Truth be told, once upon a time we couldn't see our picture standing inside the frame... until the 'selfie'.

The selfie exploits supreme confidence externally; however sifting through exposes opposite emotions internally.

One can learn a lot from fluffing pillows.  Although the outside surface (of the pillow) passes the test, experience has shown us something's not quite right on the inside... the reason for using filters... I mean 'fluffing' in the first place.

As an alumni of App State, my school's motto is “Esse quam videri”, meaning “To be, rather than to seem”.  No matter the trend, the motto remains the same.

Strive to make sure the external 'Selfie Filter' (pillow fluffing) aligns with the internal truth (who we really are).

Stay lifted,

Lucky Lefty

Combing Top to Bottom

Our family, period of birth, culture, childhood habitat, etc... are gifted to us and unavoidably, we must accept - without choice.

When uncertainty appears, healing by humility takes the wheel.  Before the 13th of March 2020, the general population moved at rapid speed, forcing us to run treadmill style... “getting nowhere fast”.

What a difference shutdown makes.  Stopping the world allows transferable healing to those who choose it.  A soul colonoscopy - screening to determine if particles inside could potentially produce vital harm.

Occasionally, during storms like this, the sweetest rain falls from the darkest cloud - a cleansing for the soul... combing 'top to bottom'.

Stay lifted,

Lucky Lefty

Tool of all Tools

It's true, the eyes are windows to the soul, but how can we connect to souls if our eyes are consistently glancing at devices?

My words are not contemptuous towards modern communication, but to pull back the curtains on my understanding... things change.  Nothing is permanent, so why swim up stream, tussling against a current way of life...

King Solomon said, “Nothing is new under the sun.”  Agree or not, here's the conflict, in life... No one gets out alive.  One mind, one body to render good deeds - by one set of hands; and as Aristotle stated, “Our hand[s] are the tool of all tools”.

Look how expressive your hands are.  Symbolic.  Whether a pat to the back, cooking, hugging, praying or greeting one another; communication is transported without a word being said.

Throughout history... one set of fingerprints, never duplicated.  We are exceptional and how we communicate strength, power, skill, generosity, love or protection with our hands to others, lasts a lifetime.

Stay lifted,

Lucky Lefty

Sample Size

In moments...

No matter how smart (intelligent)... how beautiful (attractive)... how curvy (volumptuous)... how well spoken (articulate)...

“Less is More.” (Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe)

Stay lifted,

Lucky Lefty


Precept by precept; bound by bound...

Serendipity satisfies the courageous individual who doesn't hesitate to leap and purchase life's valuable assets; air, energy, compassion, forgiveness, salvation, faith, hope, and love... all free of charge.

Stay lifted,

Lucky Lefty

Moment of Clarity

In the genesis of adulthood, most - if not all, pursue what 'self' has passions for... what 'self' has talents in... what 'self' has values with... what 'self' has motivations to do...

Starting with self-examination and ending with self-consumption (fulfillment) might not be the right mantra.

Maybe the ask should be, “What does life want from me?”  “What circumstances are calling me to stop ignoring them?”  “What assignment has life given me to make this world whole?”

The metaphor 'melting pot' has been our societies staple since I can remember.  Sounds good, but the reality is... one pan with a combination of ingredients; boiling in scorching water to create a single unit, will continue to drive societies sentiment into what we are currently witnessing.  This nation's alarm clock is going off and with each snooze...  It will only get worse.

A resolution will be rendered when each individual shifts from 'melting pot' paradigm to 'salad bowl' theory; that we as a multicultural society can integrate different cultures, while maintaining separate identities - once we become authentically frank on how we feel.

Yes... there is institutionalized racism.
Yes... there is white privilege.
Yes... there is discrimination.
Yes... Michael Vick was de-humanized for dog fighting.
Yes... we as black men are frightened of police officers.
Yes... there is black privilege.
Yes... most Caucasians are unaware of these experiences.
Yes... it's embarrassing, unethical and dejecting to watch looters dismantle and rob a person's establishment, that provides products, services and employment.
Yes... there is too much black on black crime.
Yes... media outlets no longer tell all truths.
Yes... it's okay to be vexed.
No... burning down our own community is not the answer.
No... a Black American is not a sell out if he/she has different views.
No... not all rich Caucasian men are racist.
No... we don't have to always wait on the facts.
Yes... most Caucasians are innocent until proven guilty.
Yes... most Black Americans are guilty until proven innocent.
Yes... this nation as proud as we are of it, was built on racism and violence.

This is who we are.  Our truths.  Our feelings.  Now what do we do with it...

Stay lifted,

Lucky Lefty

Knee Deep

Intimacy comes from the Latin word intimare, which means “make familiar,” which derives from intimus, meaning “inmost.”

For 'us' to manufacture intimacy we must “make familiar” subject matters beyond our outward associations.  Intimacy and love cannot become fruitful until we know each other from inside out instead of outside in... eventually becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Check the temperature of your neighboring affiliations... Democrat vs Republican, Male vs Female, Christian vs Muslim, 'have' vs 'have not' and ask, “Are my actions building or destroying?

One can only hope, that one day a future generation will get to witness life where we are defined accurately by our deep seated, inward, personal, masked... innermost traits.  The proof of who we are... not the stereotype.

Worth mirroring today...

Take nothing on its looks; take everything on evidence.  There's no better rule.”

(Great Expectations by Charles Dickens)

Stay lifted,

Lucky Lefty

The Hand of Faith

Certain dates in our personal history are monumental.  Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays...  Within time, most realize each day is truly a gift taken for granted.

Eventually, days and moments are no longer a coincidence, they birth orchestrated happenings compactly; igniting a massive purpose, deeper than we know.

Two weeks ago, I wanted to share my post-demise date (June 1, 2002) and sprinkle in some blessings from the 'Hands of Faith', however current circumstances veered my thoughts instead...

At the tender age of 20, my life should have expired.  One night... one moment... one decision... would have crushed my loved ones; if not for God sending a shadow of a man without a face, to give me one more chance, seconds before my car wreck.

I rode in the ambulance that night with 4 essential conclusions...

Every choice has consequences... I fastened the belt.

Be careful what you pray for... I prayed for a sign to transfer.

Every prayer has answers... the answer might be “no”.

Statistics are not absolute...

Professionals said, “your hand needs to be amputated...”

Prayer said, “it's healed.”

Professionals said, “you will need skin grafts...”

Prayer said, “the scars are the message.”

Professionals said, “your left hand will not be useful...”

Prayer said, “type and call the fingertips Lucky Lefty.”

Stay lifted,

Lucky Lefty

Eyes Wide Shut

What we see; confirms the little we know, perception is not always reality.

“Wow, he's towering.”

“They are training tirelessly.”

“So much brotherhood.”

“Triumph from playing basketball.”

These optics are widely accepted, shaping our appetite for thought... until our perception is challenged.

Beyond the apparent affirmations, above are variations of talent, language and cultures.

- One NBA performer

- Five current/former professional overseas participants

- One former NFL sportsman

- Multiple college scholarship recipients

- JV and Varsity bound contenders

- First languages of Portuguese, Spanish, Greek, and English

- Coming from Angola, Canada, United States and Greece

All mastering unconventional pinpoint skills for repeated goals... unification and growth.

Considering the social fabric of today's present circumstances, I challenge all to inverse the method media projects; by seeing through the eyes - instead of only with them.

Stay lifted,

Lucky Lefty

Winning Hand

'The Dealer' deals talents accordingly and by good fortune, twenty-four hours is the only equal opportunity given.  Exercising the option is your picking.

Both young and old' a quantity of individuals inherit the gift of 'head starts', such as vigorous athleticism, flair for numerical data, aesthetically visible countenance, swift fluency of language, a high class of innovative intelligence, or highly skilled virtuoso, to mention a few.  To avail oneself is of great gain.

The game of Spades... Big Joker, Little Joker, Deuce, Ace of Spades, King, Queen are your apparent 'head starts' for triumph.  Your hand is your hand... given from 'The Dealer' at the start; to complain would be futile - considering a broken clock is right two times a day.

In essence, it's not about what cards you lack; it's about winning with what you were dealt. Stay lifted,

Lucky Lefty

Greatest Gift

The miseducation from children...

In the process of parenting, without notice, one attains an accumulation of degrees consisting of...

A specified culinary license realizing a child's taste buds and appetite erratically fluctuates... “Just one more bite.”

A full service dental hygienist... “Open up.” “Brush your teeth.” “Stop eating the toothpaste.”

A keen orator with serene unclouded precepts... “I said no.” “Lie down.”

An austere approach during cross examination with said child... “How many shummies did you eat?” “Do you want to go to timeout?”

A private enterprise owner collecting and disposing all solid waste... “You pooped again?” “What did you eat?”

An Architectural Certification on geometrical efficiency in order to sleep, due to kid(s) moving about during the night... “Move over, please.”

...and with all that being said, circumstances may not align with the fundamental blueprint; nonetheless, only God can give life.  A child is a blessing from above.

Despite your age, kiss your Mom and hug your Dad... Never pass up a moment to tell them, you love them.  They were elected for you.  Irreplaceable.  Their time has wings.  No one lives endlessly...

For those with kid(s), parenting will be the “hardest job you will ever love...” the “longest days and shortest years of your life...” (Perry Bodine) the finest schooling no one can prepare for.  And yet, value every minute.  Relish.

As the twig is bent so grows the tree...” (Steven Robles)

Stay lifted,

Lucky Lefty


“Well if it's so easy how come everybody's not doing it?”  Great question... the reply: “Because it's easy not to do it.”

The simple things separate us from the pack.  The worker who greets customers with a smile... that's easy, but it's also easy not to smile.  The individual who puts their shoes on and goes for a workout... that's easy, but it's also easy to say; next time.

The ask is... are we unwilling or are we unable...

Rules, regulations, disabilities, handicappedness; limits abilities, thus, making one, unable.  Prayers and thoughts to those that do not have an option.  As for those that do, but are unwilling... please reconsider.

Reading is simple.  Life is problematic.  For every thought and tribulation, someone has written a book; a response; to be unwilling and yet wonder why, would make us lack good sense; unwise.

Like Mark Twain said, “A person who won't read has no advantage over one who can't read.”

Stay lifted,

Lucky Lefty

Robert Frost

Aspire to reach for the highest and best use of your talents, resources, and time...

More times than not, the objective involves sacrifices along with a season of walking and praying alone.

Stay lifted,

Lucky Lefty


Too often, “Tomorrow” is the repetitive answer - even though she's not promised.

“What will people say about me when I'm gone...” remains a consistent theme of thought as we come of age.  Truth be told... it won't matter then - you'll be gone.

What matters is what you say about yourself while you are living.  Your lease of life is still active...  Are you proud of your current state?  If not, what has been put off for “tomorrow” that needs to be addressed “today...”

Stay lifted,

Lucky Lefty


If the trainer does not perform their finest... the player does not amplify their skills.  Injuries, fatigue, and the need for accuracy has set everyone back.

If the photographer does not have a keen eye and seek pinpoint angles to freeze time... the moment has been missed.  The player cannot recycle that movement in time.

If the speaker's content doesn't attach to the listener's ears, mind and soul... the opportunity to enhance knowledge evaporates.  The message has been lost.  Words without meaning.

If the system for developing does not bridge time, ability, and comprehension... momentum halts and may become obsolete.  On to the next we go.

If the cook skips over a few ingredients and burns pieces of the entrée... someone eats less.  Never hired again.

In essence, it's all art; poetry in motion.  Anything less than the best, robs the gift.

A rising tide, lifts all boats.” [JFK]

Stay lifted,

Lucky Lefty



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